Once more into the breach, dear friends…

So tomorrow is phase 2 of the recording, a lot of time and effort gone into arranging parts and it is going to be a hard week. It’s also going to be a full house as we hae 2 violinists and Grant staying for most of the time. Eszter is coming all the way from Cluj-Napoca in Romania and Bettina, from Bath -not quite so exotic but still a fair old trek to play – so very grateful to both.

But tomorrow is guitars and cello, by the ridiculously talented Nigel Rippon. I can’t wait to get started! We’ll also be getting some more trumpet, this time from Duncan Fraser. More on the musicians another time, I think.

I was sad to hear that we won’t be allowed to use Vettriano pics in one of the artworks for the album booklet. Shame, seeing as the artwork in question was for Jack, which is essentially a song about him. Not to worry – we have had worse setbacks, and perhaps it is a blessing in disguise.

Now I must go and print the scores for the week so people know what to play.

Going to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches…

Well, I’m up in Cammachmore and have been for a few weeks now – being my alter-ego and earning the dough. I’ve been doing a lot of walks along the cliffs and beach and generally regenerating.

I did a gig last night, which was ok – I played Friend, Lay With Me and Faster in the Dark along with other Overtaking on a Bend tunes and some oldies for good measure.
Playing a gig without the band there after listening to the roughs over and over was slightly odd but there we go.

So the next session is booked 15th-19th July. This is going to be a hard week, guitars, trumpets, strings and vocals. I’m not sure if we will succeed but I’m going to give it all I’ve got.

Jason’s been working on string arrangments in my absence so things are ticking over nicely.

That’s all for now :0)

This is a Low

Gratefully stolen title from Blur.

This is the hard bit, waiting to hear the stuff again after a week out. Knowing how much it’s going to cost to finish it and knowing how much I don’t actually have. It would be so easy just to stop now, make my excuses. Plus it means you’ll never get to judge if it was good enough – if I was good enough.

But the hard bit is to carry on, when you think you’ve lost your way a bit, when the great times of the week before have faded a little from memory, and all you have is the vague recollection you’ve done some recording and nothing really to show for it.

Overtaking On a Bend is a monster by nature, 21 tracks in varying states. Some I guess could stay as they are, but others require “treatment”, thought, precision, time, and money.

And on top of that, I have to complete the PGCE part of my MA before August is out.

So it’s time to get the head down, do the hard work, push and push and push some more. It has to go out there, for better or for worse. Overtaking on a Bend is my baby. It may turn out rather ugly, and it may not make any friends; but it’s mine.