Tempus Fugit

And I did it again, some blogger I have turned out to be.

To recap:
Dolphin aka Harry Tait was born, 14 days late, having been coerced into action by induction and finally made his way into the world via emergency csection. All 9 pounds, 5 and a half ounces of him. Explains the enormous bump.

While born healthy, he had some issues which led to us being kept in hospital for a week and a number of follow up appointments over the weeks that followed kept mummy and daddy on their toes. Have to say it was probably the most stressful time of my life, while at the same time being the happiest. Rather hard to describe really!
After that it was just the task of adjusting to life as a mummy, endless nappies, feedings, pukings, cuddlings, nappies, wakings, changings, nappies, feedings, did I mention the nappies?
Things have begun to settle down now though and we’re sort of getting a bit more sleep now. 

And so – my thoughts turn the rather big gig in a couple of weeks!
Still trying to think of which songs to do, my last gig being 14 months ago (in fact I was pregnant then and didn’t know!).

I only have 15 minutes so am hoping to pick the best combination that shows off my repertoire and doesn’t let the side down for Joan’s campaign. To learn more go here http://www.localtalent-uk.com/index.html . Feel very lucky to have been selected!

While I’ve not necessarily been able to practice as I might have pre-baby, I have been working on my vocals – albeit to new additions to my catalogue, like The Grand Old Duke of York, and various renditions of “What do we do with the dirty nappy” to the tune of What do we do with the drunken sailor…

Harry of course will be fast asleep in bed while his mummy plays one of the biggest gigs of her life.

Am I excited?


Am I bricking it?

Oh yes…