So I’ve been kind of quiet of late and I guess some of you are wondering where your cd is. Unfortunately “circumstances beyond my control” have delayed things – several circumstances in fact. The upshot is that mixing was delayed temporarily, and is now back in progress. It will be a week or so before this is done, and then some mastering, before the master copy is sent for duplication. This will take another couple of weeks. The plan is for the cds to be sent out in time for Christmas. However I understand if some of you are cynical about this.
If (and I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen) we are delayed longer, “cd tokens” will be distributed on request, with my apologies. Essentially, something to give while I run around like an idiot trying to get this out.
Musically, this mixing lark has been very tough so far and I can see the rest of the arrangements being similarly difficult. You get to this stage and suddenly you get option anxiety, which instrument where, which solo and how much? However, it is sounding so good to my ears that I also spend a lot of time grinning my head off.
So bear with me, dear reader, it is not long now.