Another Week Goes By

Well that’s the end of another session. It’s by no means complete, unfortunately but I guess I forget sometimes that things in studio land take twice as long as you expect.

So the cello is done, electric guitars, trumpets, strings, and some vocals. I need to figure out how to stretch the coffers to accommodate the rest of the vocals.

It’s sounding great though and I am looking forward to putting the final vocals down – you’ll be surprised for sure, different approaches, vocal techniques, pushing myself loads to show you I can do more than piss about with a guitar and some depressing lyrics. Ok so the lyrics are still depressing, but this time there are drums :0)

There are some cracking and often scary violin parts – and I really mean that – actually scary. I felt a bit bad making the violin players do it, but I think in the end they started to have a bit of fun. Either that or they were just delirious from all the work I was making them do.

The only thing that alleviated my guilt a bit was that although I worked everyone really hard, I was first up, first in the studio, last to leave the studio. It’s not like I waved my hands and said “onward slaves, get on with the work!”

I’ve learned loads as well, about how to arrange strings properly. Some of the things I had put down weren’t strictly ballroom so to speak, and I broke a lot of rules I didn’t know existed :0)

I am now, frankly, knackered and my ears don’t work anymore. Now I have to find some time to finish the guitars and keyboards and then locate a studio for the vocals up in Scotland.

Grant, after several days recording with me. A warning to all those – abandon hope at the studio door, I will work you til you go insane!