300 words to go…

So pretty much nearly done you think – hmm not quite. Still a huge amount to do before hand in, but already planning the party and my next project. Displacement activity? Yes I think so 🙂
So, things left to do. Finish Literature review. I know, I know, you’re supposed to do that first aren’t you. Well yes and no. Recent papers have come to light and seeing as there has not been much published in the last 5 years I need everything I can get. Then it’s displaying the data. How does the phrase go – 80% of statistics are made up on the spot? My data’s pretty noisy so trying to make it look neat and tidy without taking away fromt he important points is quite tough. Then conclusions. Finding that hard as well, frankly, I’ve kind of concluded lots of things in the discussion part so is it just a case of saying it all again with a bit more authority?

Got meeting with 2nd supervisor soo so hopefully some of this stuff can get ironed out 🙂

I’m sleepy.