Artwork Update

With Overtaking on a Bend getting closer and closer we have decided this time, because we have the time, to do it a bit different. When we did Papercuts and lime many years ago we had the music long before we had a visual look for the album and the album cover was very much a last minute design, it’s a design that I liked but it was finished with a few days to go before the cds were pressed. On Overtaking I decided to create artwork very early on and to create a very specific style of artwork that fits with the look I was hoping to achieve.

Long ago I decided I wanted a specific look to the album, a 1940’s/60’s detective Noir look, very Raymond Chandleresque.

At the moment we are hoping to create a story in images that will carry on throughout the booklet, and will tell a story, the songs themselves do not tell a story, it isn’t a concept album, but possibly snatches of the songs might evoke an image that will make up part of a story you can make for yourself. How’s THAT for some lazy writing! 🙂

This idea is very much in the starting stages just now and we will keep you updated as time goes on.

The “we” isn’t royal by the way, Stuart Mitchell is doing the actual hard work on the artistry while I point and say “less of that”, “more this” etc etc.