So, we have clearance from MCPS, the tracks and album are registered and cleared with PPL so if by any chance they get played on the radio or telly, everyone gets their cut and if I sell loads of copies I am eligible to chart. (haha).
Grant has finished the pre-final final so all I need to do now is listen to it a few more times and hopefully there will be no more changes required. Stuart has just about finished the artwork and is compig round with a copy for final adjustments. So with any luck I’ll be sending it off to the duplicators very soon, maybe by the end of the week!
When they get it, it’s two weeks to manufacture and then I will have an awful lot of selling to do. It’s been a long old road, and I’ve learned so much.
I just hope you like it, I hope it achieves some success, not least so I can get some money back.

But to be honest, the most important thing in all of this is that I have finally made the album I wanted to hear, that has been in my head for so long, and that I found so hard to explain. Ad soon you’ll hear it too.

To paraphrase Tim Minchin : “This is my album, and it’s fine, it’s where I’ve spent the vast majority of my time. It’s not perfect. But it’s mine”.