I feel bad. If I am doing one thing, I am thinking of another. I am half way up or down the stairs. When I am inside, I wish to be outside and when I am outside I yearn to be in.

So change is coming to my web presence, probably slowly, let’s face it I’m hardly consistent so far. There are currently 3 Jo type websites and I plan for them to unite under the guise of Neosome Music.
I want to show off all the music I can do, in a proper and grown up type of way. There will be old stuff, there will be new stuff. There won’t be many photos, (of me) and the lyric pages are going to be tidied up.

There will be no more forum. It always felt a bit egocentric to have one’s own forum but at the time of its creation it seemed to be the way everyone was going. It is a wasteland and I am going to lay waste to it.

There will still be a blog and I am going to try to be more consistent with it. I am hoping that a merging of email accounts and log ins will help with that.

There will be a shop of sorts, although not sure in what format.

Musically, ideas are emerging from the permafrost that is perpetual tiredness. I may be badgering you for opinion soon.

I cannot tour, and gigs leave me absolutely exhausted, and I have a family to raise. So live music will likely come in the form of webcasts, if, indeed I manage to get that sorted out.

I am hoping to spend more time on videos and sound. I miss creating sound.