The End of Week One

Some of this is written from notes I took on Friday, so please forgive jumping around of tense should it occur.
So week one is over. It feels like a month or so, however – long days, evenings, loud and even louder drums ringing in my head. Fabulous. You won’t believe how good it sounds, and I haven’t got the words to describe it. But imagine if you will, a delighted Jo leaping around a studio in total glee.
21 tracks are now done, slightly differing from the original line up, we have:
Tears 1995
Jack (previously entitled Amateur Philosophers but that was awful)
Dangerous Ground
Becoming Myself Again
Can’t find Love
Easier Said than Done
Faster in the Dark
Half of One
If I Say
Lay with me
Love 2
Nothing Room
Page 94
Running Out of Air
Sleepy Man
Won’t let you down.

Not necessarily in that order.
We’ve done all the drums and bass (these guys were AMAZING) some cello, percussion, vibraphone, trumpet, piano and of course guide vocals and very bad guitar a la Jo.
I’m now collapsed on the sofa (well I was when I originally wrote this on Friday afternoon) while Rob (c/o Ford Lane Studio) and Grant get all the audio off the studio computer and onto my hard drive.

After that we’ll get a copy on to my computer (in fact this didn’t happen til Saturday, the drive got wiped by an errant helper and we had to go back into the studio and retrieve all the tracks again the next day. Luckily Rob had not deleted the files. You can imagine the fear though – all that work for possibly nothing!) and Grant will take the mobile hard drive north for mixing.

The next task is the keyboards, guitars and string arrangements. I am hoping to woo Nigel (percussion and cello) back in for some guitar work…

I am hoping to get a small string section together for the strings rather than programmed stuff. There is a real, for want of a better word, “vibe” to this album and I don’t want to spoil it with plastic violins.

Vocals, well, they’re a long way off but will probably happen up in Scotland.

Next though, it’s back to work to try to pay off all the money I’ve spent this week, and in a couple of weeks time, some photoshoots for the covers.

Speak soon!