This is a Low

Gratefully stolen title from Blur.

This is the hard bit, waiting to hear the stuff again after a week out. Knowing how much it’s going to cost to finish it and knowing how much I don’t actually have. It would be so easy just to stop now, make my excuses. Plus it means you’ll never get to judge if it was good enough – if I was good enough.

But the hard bit is to carry on, when you think you’ve lost your way a bit, when the great times of the week before have faded a little from memory, and all you have is the vague recollection you’ve done some recording and nothing really to show for it.

Overtaking On a Bend is a monster by nature, 21 tracks in varying states. Some I guess could stay as they are, but others require “treatment”, thought, precision, time, and money.

And on top of that, I have to complete the PGCE part of my MA before August is out.

So it’s time to get the head down, do the hard work, push and push and push some more. It has to go out there, for better or for worse. Overtaking on a Bend is my baby. It may turn out rather ugly, and it may not make any friends; but it’s mine.