One more push

It’s aways one more push, one last stab, one more take. But this is it, people, the last of my money and the last of the recording. It is going to be a hard week and I hope I am up to the task. I will do better than my best. After all, this is likely to be the last from me. Life overtakes us all and I am no different. To quote myself, I’m overtaking on a bend and I don’t know what’s coming my way – but I’m counting down the days.

For those interested in the nutsnbolts side of things we will be cutting out any extraneous tracks, and deciding on takes on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday it will likely be my all time favourite (not) guitars. I am hoping we can get all the sodding guitars done on Thursday because, well frankly I hate recording guitars. I play to my own time, meaning I can’t play in time no matter how loud the fecking cans are. Then it will be synths, a lot of them, as despite Bettina, Eszter and Nigel’s excellent playing more strings are required. Also other scary noises will be added at this stage. Last will be vocals, and I hope I can carry it off. I find it easier when it is just me and the engineer so this will be “closed set” so to speak.

And then everything is down to the mix.

Wish me luck,