Fingers Ouch

So today I have played the Taylor 314, an Epiphone Dot and a Fender Telecaster. My fingers are a bit sore and the callouses have taken a serious beating! It’s always a bit of a slow start on the first day back in the studio as Ford Lane works using Logic and we are mixing in Protools. Another added complication is that some of the original demo work was done on analogue – an Otari MX80. So going from analogue to digital can be a bit tricksy but now have some of the great stuff recorded by Alan Cunningham back then on to the tracks we are recording now.
I’ve also done vocals for Becoming Myself Again, Sleepy Man, If I Say and Page 94. Some serious perfomances going on and I am totally drained now, but at the same time somewhat euphoric as all my ideas are finally coming together and it is now also evident to other people. Only 16 more to go then…
The other night, I recorded all the pads on keyboard and laid down piano tracks. We just did this in the house as,for me, studio time should be for stuff involving microphones. Can’t Find Love is now very sinister and sad and I hope I can get the vocal right for it.
Easier Said Than Done has taken a strange turn and one I think for the better. Both Easier Said Than Done and Won’t Let You Down were recorded with percussion, congos (bongos and congas 😉 etc. However, this approach took both songs down a track that wasn’t really working for me, and I couldn’t see what to do with them. When I removed the percussion, however, things began to become more clear and I think, certainly Easier Said Than Done has become a stand out track. Won’t Let You Down still needs some work, the mildly happy ones always do 🙂
So that’s it for me, not working into the wee hours tonight but there will likely be a few long ones this week.
Off to chill for a bit, more singing tomorrow!