early finish

So throat a bit tired now after 5 or so hours of singing. We are now in the final stages really so here is the low down:
Vocals are done for: Becoming Myself Again, Sleepy Man, Dangerous Ground, Can’t Find Love, Half of One, If I Say, Lay With Me, Love 2, Page 94, Tears 1995, Waiting, and Faster in the Dark.

Stuff left to do:
Piano: Poseidon, Jack, Won’t Let You Down, and maybe some extras on others
Acoustic Guitar: Tears 1995, Friend, Easier Said Than Done
Vocals: Jack, Poseidon, Running Out of Air, Won’t Let you Down, Friend, Easier Said than Done, Nothing Room.
Synths: possibly some more maybe I found that the pad on Jack didn’t sit with the guitar and therefore need to have another look at that.

Bit sleepy now.