nearly there

It’s been another while. Not really even sure who reads this, to be honest but here goes. I now have my notification of no claim from MCPS, I have registered my “record label” with PPL and got ISRC codes for the songs. I’m now in the process of assigning the musicians to the songs so that if by some miracle any of this ends up on the radio or tv or whatever, everyone gets their dues. It’s taking time as it is fiddly and annoying but it will be worth it and it has to be done.
I have my barcode and am very nearly done with the artwork. Stuart is just putting some finishing touches to the text and then we are about set. Hopefully will hear from Grant soon that the mastering is complete and then the whole lot will be sent off for duplication. So we’re talking weeks now not months.
Samples of some tunes will be made available on Myspace soon.

Go ahead and buy please!!

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