neoSome loves company!

We are in various stages of collaboration / partnership or just generally hanging out with a number of startups and projects, all working towards collapsing barriers to learning.

d-Finger ltd – Digitising Touch – haptic tech development

TrackGenesis – Blockchain based AI powered software platform designed for the food and drink industry

MachineSquad – 3D and data specialists

New Website

Hi everyone. Finally got round to bringing my stuff together in one place. Bear with! Added some unreleased songs to the media section :0)

New beginnings

Very excited to say I’m working on some new projects – although can’t say a lot more at the moment. It will still take time but am hoping to have more to share soon. Meantime I’ve set up a SoundCloud page so you can listen to things I’ve been working on now and some fun old stuff I dug out.



Web presence

Well, I’ve made a start, which is, well, a start. New look on blog and Twitter and trying to do same on youtube and facebook. Hoping there is some way of making everything less disparate but at the same time I don’t want to hook my Twitter up with Facebook as I am also a fan of things on Twitter and don’t want my guilty pleasures filling up the facebook page. I suppose a photoshoot is also inevitable but I hate them and so it will likely be last. Grant is hard at it remixing some tracks for me and I am looking at which tracks could be used to submit to synch companies for films etc.

In addition to this there is the HUGE excitement that is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. I’ll be heading along to Vue, possibly dressed as 10.

Now, back to ironing and watching F1. Not my bag but Rankin is a massive fan and it’s cold in the other rooms.


I feel bad. If I am doing one thing, I am thinking of another. I am half way up or down the stairs. When I am inside, I wish to be outside and when I am outside I yearn to be in.

So change is coming to my web presence, probably slowly, let’s face it I’m hardly consistent so far. There are currently 3 Jo type websites and I plan for them to unite under the guise of Neosome Music.
I want to show off all the music I can do, in a proper and grown up type of way. There will be old stuff, there will be new stuff. There won’t be many photos, (of me) and the lyric pages are going to be tidied up.

There will be no more forum. It always felt a bit egocentric to have one’s own forum but at the time of its creation it seemed to be the way everyone was going. It is a wasteland and I am going to lay waste to it.

There will still be a blog and I am going to try to be more consistent with it. I am hoping that a merging of email accounts and log ins will help with that.

There will be a shop of sorts, although not sure in what format.

Musically, ideas are emerging from the permafrost that is perpetual tiredness. I may be badgering you for opinion soon.

I cannot tour, and gigs leave me absolutely exhausted, and I have a family to raise. So live music will likely come in the form of webcasts, if, indeed I manage to get that sorted out.

I am hoping to spend more time on videos and sound. I miss creating sound.

Tempus Fugit

And I did it again, some blogger I have turned out to be.

To recap:
Dolphin aka Harry Tait was born, 14 days late, having been coerced into action by induction and finally made his way into the world via emergency csection. All 9 pounds, 5 and a half ounces of him. Explains the enormous bump.

While born healthy, he had some issues which led to us being kept in hospital for a week and a number of follow up appointments over the weeks that followed kept mummy and daddy on their toes. Have to say it was probably the most stressful time of my life, while at the same time being the happiest. Rather hard to describe really!
After that it was just the task of adjusting to life as a mummy, endless nappies, feedings, pukings, cuddlings, nappies, wakings, changings, nappies, feedings, did I mention the nappies?
Things have begun to settle down now though and we’re sort of getting a bit more sleep now. 

And so – my thoughts turn the rather big gig in a couple of weeks!
Still trying to think of which songs to do, my last gig being 14 months ago (in fact I was pregnant then and didn’t know!).

I only have 15 minutes so am hoping to pick the best combination that shows off my repertoire and doesn’t let the side down for Joan’s campaign. To learn more go here . Feel very lucky to have been selected!

While I’ve not necessarily been able to practice as I might have pre-baby, I have been working on my vocals – albeit to new additions to my catalogue, like The Grand Old Duke of York, and various renditions of “What do we do with the dirty nappy” to the tune of What do we do with the drunken sailor…

Harry of course will be fast asleep in bed while his mummy plays one of the biggest gigs of her life.

Am I excited?


Am I bricking it?

Oh yes…

2 Days to Go

And then this little one is overdue…not felt any rumblings really and very very very tired! Being on maternity leave is weird and am finding the transition a bit tough, but I think that will come good once the bundle of joy finally makes an appearance!

In the meantime, R is working on the nursery which is looking very nice and we have yet another day of rain, which doesn’t make going out for a labour inducing walk very inviting!

Looking forward to seeing the Avengers this weekend, maybe popcorn and cola will trigger something :0)

What a Difference a Year Makes

Ah. So it seems I neglected this. Think I need some advice as to how to get all my bits and pieces in one place so this doesn’t happen again!

However, as my current project is nearing completion I am not sure when I will be able to get my act together. We call it the Dolphin and it is approximately 10 days from bursting, hopefully painlessly, into existence. Whereupon we shall announce a real name :0)
It’s been a long pregnancy, to me anyway, largely without incident, although now the due date is looming, uncomfortableness and lack of sleep prevails.

I’ve now stopped work, and that in itself has been quite an experience – being a bit of a workaholic my days are now a bit lacking, although as I am so tired all the time, it is a good thing I’m not trying to advise students!

We have a lovely new house that I am knocking around in and while I have lots of ideas, I haven’t the energy to carry any of them out. Even my poor guitar lies untouched (although to be fair the bump gets in the way when I try).

Musically, not much happening, there were some plans to see if any of my songs might be placed in tv/film, but haven’t really been able to take it past the “that’s a good idea” stage.

I am very much looking forward to the Joan Armatrading gig later in the year though!

Well, I guess that’s about it for now…probably see you in a year, although I will try harder…

Don’t Forget Your Lego

I was walking into work the other day, which is situated next to a school. My head was already packed with the problems of the day ahead, and I had a bit of a weary heart wondering when I might next get some time off. A car pulled up beside me and a boy jumped out with his schoolbag. His mum called out to him “have a nice day and don’t forget your lego!”.
For some reason this stripped all my cares of the day away, and I remembered a time long ago, when all you might need to worry about was where your lego was.

It’s sometimes good to remember what’s really important to you. I think I might make lego a priority in future.